Monday, October 3, 2016

What's my preferences?

I often get asked by friends that what's my ideal type of BF,
whenever they asked that, I would stun there and there's no answers in my mind...
Perhaps I should write it down, so that the next time the same question comes in, I know what to answer.

What would he be like?
Of course everyone will always hope for the perfect bf,
handsome, fit, rich, caring, friendly...
perfect in every way, but it's that possible?
and if he's so perfect,he wouldn't be interested me though...hahaha...

So let me think,
maybe my ideal bf would be like this,
he doesn't have to be as perfect as that,
short and smart hair,
eyes that fills with stories,
cool looking face, but when he smile, he would be so cute so adorable,
height really doesn't matter to me, as long as we're doesn't look a giant and dwarf,
body wise, doesn't have to be as perfect as a gym rat,
just average, not too skinny, not too fat, little muscle on the biceps would be fine.
he doesn't need to have a fancy job, as long as he's able to survive with his job that's more than enough.
What else?
oh ya... characteristic...
Caring! Being bf meaning we would care for each other, our lives, our health and of course our emotions.
Sporty too, maybe we can do some sports during our leisure time, morning jog, evening swim, or maybe hiking! hahaha...

Well, well, well... I guess I'm stuck again, let's update again when I think of something again!

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