Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One of the sweetest and best moment of my life... J.D.

This blog is gonna be very explicit and...
I know many of you will discover my true self through this blog...
(well, you guys don't have to suspect and guess anymore)
I know I'm gonna regret if I didn't write this down due to my laziness...
So here it is!

Hmmm... Where should I start?
Well, let's start from December 2013,
it was the time where I went to Singapore to stay with my aunt for a week,
to experience the life in Singapore before I start working,
it was also the time where I'm hunting a job there.

I remembered that you texted me first in the afternoon when I was visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium,
too bad thatI had no data plan in Singapore that time,
so I only get to reply you when I get to my aunt house at night,
then we started to chat abit,
and added each other in facebook,
and eventually ask for your whatsapp. (contact number)
I told you that I'm so new to this place,
and want you to be my tour guide,
and you agree with that and say will show me around when I settle down.
I actually didn't take that seriously until.... hmmm...

*So that's how we started to know each other*

You were too good (I mean your outlook, job and life),
that I didn't think that you will be interested in me,
so I didn't really keep in touch with you after that...

It was Thursday afternoon,
where I was working in the office at Kallang,
and out of sudden,
I got your messages,(after few months)
I'm quite surprised and chatted with you a little while,
we were about to knock off from work that time,
and you ask me for dinner,
without any hesitation I said Yes!
So you said you will buy dinner for us,
and it was the famous "Boon Tong Kee chicken rice" in Singapore.

So there I was,
the first time seeing you in real,
we smiled and the first thing you said was "you're not afraid of getting crashed by car huh?".
(because I didn't cross the road at the traffic light...)
then you took me to your house and of course your room to put down my stuffs,
before I had the chance to put down my bag,
you hugged me and kissed me on my lips surprisingly. (very enjoy that moment!)
and we get ourselves changed after that. (I wore your hot pants... Lol~!)

We moved to the living room to have our dinner after that little moment,
I still remember we were watching the HK drama "M Club 俱乐部" while having our dinner,
I remembered when I open the dinner box,
I picked out the chicken's skin and you asked me to give them to you,. don't waste them. (So sweet!)
So we finished our dinner and sit back on the couch to enjoy the drama,
then you started to hug me and we started to cuddle abit,
You touched my face gently like I'm a baby, pinched my nose, and look into my eyes,
we make out a bit until the drama finally ended.

So we go back to room after that,
we're laying on the bed while having a little chit chat,
then we started to cuddle again,
and of course make out abit and.... (That's too much to say now....)
We had a little hot and wild session,
the whole session was actually quite sweet and fun,
we were so enjoy and we laughed alot during the session. (getting more and more over... >o<)
We were quite exhausted after that,
so we actually fell asleep, (I slept in your arms)
I remember your breathe, your scent,
I and feel very secure to be with you...
 So we woke up from our sweet nap,
and notice it's already late and I had to go,
but before I left,
we took a shower together, (Oppssss.....)
and had a little sweet time inside. Lol...
So I left after we showered.
I remember you waited until I got into the bus,
and we waved each other for the goodbye,
then you asked me to give you a message when I home,
to ensure that I'm safe and sound... (It's quite heart warming...)

It was actually my birthday a week after that, (Thursday again)
so I decided to date you on the day,
but it was so coincident and sarcastic that you had birthday celebration for your friend,
somehow you still make time for me,
you date me after your dinner...
**skipped some details else the post will end in forever**
So we meetup at your place.....again!
I put down my bag and lay on your bed like it was mine,
then you go to your wardrobe and take out your boxer,
and asked me to wear it for the night later...
So we had a lot of chat that night,
and you asked me to join you for the Sundown 40km Marathon on Saturday midnight,
I was quite interested in that actually,
besides, you asked me out on Sunday for movie and meal, (was quite surprised and happy)
and then you took out the book of postcards you bought in Tibet and showed them to me,
I remembered every postcard has a meaningful quote on it which is written by the Dalai Lama.
But I was so distracted and didn't really want to read them,
so I started to cuddle and behave like a worm,
you noticed that and you put aside the postcards.
You were having your shower while I was watching some stupid youtube video on the bed,
then we lay on the bed again(in your arms),
and had a little pillow talk session.
Then things go naughty again and we.... (Imagination time again!)
So once again,
we fell asleep after the "naughty session",
curled up together with your strong and warm arm around me.
Then we woke up, and get ready for work,
it was raining in the morning,
and you're quite worried me getting sick because of it,
you want me to carry the big umbrella but I refuse to,
so I get to work without umbrella yet still enjoy the morning,
It was the best birthday I ever had!

I think that's it...the ending... Lol
I had a very life changing moment two days after my Birthday,
and I lose everything in my life including you.
I'm glad that you didn't reject me or ignore me when I told you about the curse,
instead... you asked me to be positive and take care of myself,
I'm touched and I actually cried alot knowing that we might not be able to see each other anymore.
That's the reason why I'm writting this down,
so that one day when I read this,
I know that I once had such a wonderful moment with you...
I miss you and love you always, my dear.

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