Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I know I suppose to post something happy and joyful today,
but I really had enough,
woke up in the morning and keep listen to some nags.

So everything is my fault then?
Now you are complaining to mom about me,
like I'm the worst person in the world,
you say wanna live like a family but you're not treating me like how eldest sis did,
you are treating me like a burden, and how you want me to feel like a family?
You say I never call you, but did you ever asked why your son never call me?
and how your son treat me? I always keep in my heart, cause I don't wanna cause any problems.
You asked me to take out all my things and put them in the wardrobe and cupboard,
I refused and you complain to mom that I'm like a tramp,
but did you know that you told me that is your son's room,
then why should I take it as my own room?
I'm just staying at your place for temporarily,
and it is you who ask me to come and stay,
and then you treated me in that way and keep complaining.
I don't feel comfortable at all,
and how you want me to feel Home here?
I feel more home when I'm staying with my friends,
and even alone in penthouse,
I got my own room,
my own space,
and freedom,
but what I got here is just Trap,
I'm trapped!

If you want to invite people to stay at your place,
please welcome warmly,
not treated them like a burden,
they feel it but they just endure it,
because it's not their home afterall.

Everytime I back eldest sis house,
that's what called a home,
I know which room am I gonna stay,
where to put my things,
and treat each other like a family,
not a GUEST!

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