Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just disppointed...

Time waits for nobody,
I've already been in UK for almost 2 months now.
I still remember on the day I leave Malaysia,
I called you in the airport telling you that I'm leaving,
and inside the plane before boarding,
you call me for the one last time,
you were very funny in the phone,
and I still remember the last word we say to each other in the phone,
its: I miss you...

You said,
after I settle down,
send you my address and you would send something to me,
and since then,
I check the mailbox everyday hoping that there's something for me,
however everytime I opened the mailbox,
what I received is "disappointment",
I know I'm too naive,
and too dumb to believe in everything you said.
I take it as a promise,
but you never remember bout it.
So I fed up,
I give up on hope,
not checking my mailbox since it will always be empty...

Just like what I posted in facebook,
Checking mailbox is fun when you're expecting someone to send you letter,
but you will not check it again when you know that there wont be anything inside...
It's kind of sad and disappointed...
Promises are always meant to be broken.

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