Monday, December 31, 2012

Sumarising 2012

Today is the last day of 2012,
Well, I guess everyone is going out to somewhere for countdown,
but not me…
I got to stay home studying all the notes for my final exam.
Sounds sad isn’t it?
Somehow I realize I never went for countdown for New Year during my college life,
1st  and 2nd year, I was working at Skybar as a waiter,
3rd year which was last year,
is basically same as this year where I’m studying at home,
so I guess New Year Eve is nothing special for me,
is just another day to stay healthy and happily.

Since is the last day of this year,
I would like to summaries some of the highlighted events,
the 1st event I would like to talk about of course,
it’s my 21 years old Birthday,
I thought I will be passing my Birthday like normal days,
but it’s ended up with a big and surprising celebration with my lovely classmates,
I’m so happy and touched by them. (I love you guys, Thanks so much~!!!)
Since, this celebration is the 1st birthday celebration for this year,
                                                                                        and to be fair, we celebrated                                                                                                 everyone’s birthday  after that~!

Next thing to talk about is the Final Year Project,
we started to get contacted with this horrible and stressful job at the beginning of the year,
and that was when the nightmare started,
the 1st semester we were doing research and design for our prototype,
and we got to meet our supervisors every 2 weeks telling him our progression,
and also showing him our findings.
It was a stressful semester,
Both my partner and I couldn’t sleep well,
we worried a lot and stress a lot during that semester.
After the semester end,
we stayed here and didn’t go back to hometown,
just to finish our prototype,
we went for material purchasing,
complete our prototype in college workshop and so on.
During the completion of the prototype,
I had some fights and arguments with my partner,
and here I am to take the opportunity to apologize to him.

 Hey, little mice, sorry for troubling you, and sorry for the worst topic I have thought of, by the way it’s great to work with you, even with have some disagreements, we able to compromise and solve the problems together. Truly appreciate everything, Heart you^^

The next I’m going to share is some of my personal life,
I met someone in July,
and this someone has changed my entire life,
before meeting this someone I was still hiding in my box and refuses to come out,
after I met this someone,
I started to know more about the other side of me,
I get into the circle,
I try to meet the peoples.
the relationship of me with this someone is very short,
it’s funny that we only met each other just for 4 hours,
I’m not sure whether you will read this,
but thanks,
and you always in my heart.

Consequences after knowing the someone,
I meet another few friends,
and that’s where my life is changing,
my friends circle is slowly manipulated,
I get to know more about myself.
Of course,
I start going to club because of them,
had so much funs and experience in club.
Thanks this bunch of friends for changing my life.

Speaking of bad things,
Something dark and sad did happen,
I lost one of my nephew in this year,
even the incident has past for few months,
I still can remember every images that happened,
the saddest thing is,
I was there,
standing right beside her bed,
watching her slowly lose her little life…
(Awww, I just can’t stop my tears everytime when the moment flashes)
This is one of the biggest moment happen in my life,(even is a sad memory)
watching someone you love past away helplessly in front of you,
is like watching your favourite food drop on the floor before you have a change grab a bite on it.
After the incident,
I learned to be strong and tough,
never give up to life no matter how worst I’m going through,
I will struggle and strive for success,
and if I’m going through hell,
I will keep going…

It was the busiest college year we ever had,
where everyone of us is busy with assignments and final year project,

there is only trip we went for,(I don’t think that’s a trip)
just a short Genting gambling trip,
the purpose is clear,

I lose RM100 in there.
The trip was fun,
we took a lot of pictures,
and had lots of fun together.
I think the most exciting part,
is all of us watching the London Olympic Badminton Match of
Lin Dan versus Dato. Lee Chong Wei,
in our room.
We cheer and shout so loud to support our National Player.


Wait, before I forget,
we did go for another trip,
Ampang Waterfall,
That’s really an enjoyable and exciting trip,
we had the famous Ampang Yong Tau Fu as brunch,
before we head to the waterfall.
The water at the waterfall is so clear and COLD,
I shivered when I got immersed in it,
and I spoiled my camera’s zooming function there,
just because I want to take many pictures... >.<
By the way, is a very fun trip~!
So, I think that’s the only class trips this year.

So it’s finally come to an end where we only left the final short semester in TARC,
and a Summer Course in UK.
After that, we will be busy working in different places,
I guess that it will be very difficult to gather everyone of us together,
just like what we have with our secondary school after graduating.
Even if we are cannot always be together,
there is always a part of you guys inside my heart,
I treasure the wonderful relationship we had during this wonderful College and University life.

Well I guess, that’s what happened this year.
2012 is a great year,(at least we survive from the “End of the World”)
and I’m looking forward to 2013 to be a better year.

Here comes my 2013 Resolution,
1) Able to get a nice job after graduation
2) Better income
3) Perfect health (please don’t sick so often)
4) Have an awesome Europe Trip
5) Can travel with papa and mama
6) Last but not least of course, meeting the right and special one in my life

Happy New Year everyone~!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012


超不好意思的… 囧


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2 sided world

I was born to a world,
where everything was well defined,
black is the opposite of white,
responsible is defined by sexual,
boys are responsible to take care of girls,
love is defined by I love you and you love me.
When starting a relationship,
knowing each other is always the very first thing,
and sex will always be the last item.
Love is a happy thing to share with friends and families,
there is no need of hiding.

I was exposed to another side of the world,
where everything was mixed and got so confusing,
is the grey between black and white.
There's no fix answer in this world,
you just got to be who you are,
that's it.
In this world,
everything revolves about sex,
your responsibilities and the your role,
are defined by your behavior during sex.
Sex is always the first thing before starting any relationship,
role is always the 2nd question to be questioned,
love become something private and secret,
everyone starts to hide.
What I can say is the other side of the world is way to small,
news and gossips spread too easily,
and I guess that's why everyone is keeping secret from each other.